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Key milestones


The legal predecessor, the State Enterprise for Employing the Blind, has been formed, to provide regular employment – on a nationwide basis - for people with eyesight problems. At the beginning they employed 70 persons, for three types of work: manufacturing of brushes and brooms, and hand weaving.


Community council administrations were set up in Hungary, as of October 1, we kept on working with a staff of a few hundred, named as Budapest Municipality’s Brush and Broom Manufacturing Enterprise.


In Budapest’s Zugló district, in the Laky Adolf Street, a production building has been erected, used since then as a production and administration centre.


At this time, already some 600 staff has been working here, and the textile segment grew strongly. During the late Kádár era the Company operated under the supervision of Budapest City Coucil’s Industrial Division.


Upon changing the political regime we had to give up markets in the East, Hungary’s textile industry collapsed. Instead, cooperation-type businesses started to flourish, and we turned to fine mechanical and telecommunication activities. During the nineties, several Western companies realized that operations requiring plenty of manual work may be relocated to Hungary, so to our Company, with good prospects for success.


The City Council owned Enterprise has been transferred to the State Property Administration (now Hungarian National Asset Management Private plc.).


The Enterprise has been transformed into a limited liability company (“kft.”)


From this year, FŐKEFE operates as a public benefit company (“kht.”)


During 2007 two sister companies employing handicapped persons in Szombathely (Savaria Nett-Pack Kft. and Rehabit Kft.) – in order to upkeep employment for their staffs - merged into FŐKEFE as its Szombathely Branch. This adds new and strategic activities -such as office stationary, manufacturing of boxes, assembly of lamps - to FŐKEFE’s production portfolio.


FŐKEFE is being retransformed into a “kft”, to operate on a non-profit basis.


The TÁMOP-Project “Rehabilitation-Value-Change” (RÉV) commences. Under this Project -during a two-year term - we provide training for different skills to some 1700 staff members, to enhance their chances to find work on the employment market.



Integrated management of KÉZMŰ / ERFO / FŐKEFE.

At present, the FŐKEFE Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. has some 50 subsidiaries employing a staff of 3800, of which 3400 persons belong to the different categories of disability and have to live with reduced working capabilities. Own production includes manufacturing of a wide assortment of brooms, for which considerable export demand exists. Within Hungary, and for several years now, FŐKEFE is market leader with a few types of its brooms. Our brush sector can also meet very specific market requirements. On the market of office stationary our recycled/natural paper products cover some 80 per cent of the domestic market. Each year, more than 2 million table-type calendars are leaving our production facilities. Activities run as wagework are manifold, they spread from assembling automotive electricity products to the production of fancy packaging materials.