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The new management of FŐKEFE Non-Profit, Public Benefit Purpose Ltd. wishes to implement the operation of the entity along such common values, corporate objectives as a result of which our organization can function sustainably and economically. We are committed to operate the company for the employment of people with disabilities by putting in place the necessary tangible and personal conditions.

Our set of organizational values is based on the following 7 core elements, values that determine our day-today life:

  • transparency,
  • professionalism,
  • result-orientation,
  • responsibility,
  • equal opportunities,
  • team work,
  • loyalty.


Our company strives for transparency in all the areas of operative activities and service processes alike. We regard business integrity, transparent operations as having priority significance in dealing with all our partners.


In all the areas of the company's activities, we have committed ourselves to high-standard professional knowledge and the fulfillment of demanding expectations, while recognizing and respecting each other's professional expertise. Every employee of our company consistently improves their professional knowledge and gathers experience. We esteem traditions and the expertise based on their knowledge, similarly to skills and abilities, competence and humble professional approach.


Achievement-oriented corporate culture takes individuals and consequently the company forward; the creation of such culture serves as the basis of the preservation of jobs and the future of our companies. Our priority goal is the full-scaling satisfaction of customer demands, and therefore our operation relies on an achievement-oriented approach. With the business partners, we strive for forging mutually beneficial, long-term relations. We encourage performance on the individual and organizational levels alike, and it is regularly measured and assessed.


The basis of our responsible operations, guaranteeing jobs for people with reduced ability to work, is steady business management; our further goal is to facilitate the lives of people with reduced ability to work by our core activities. We have incorporated the principles of sustainable, responsible operations in the Company's activities at all levels.

Equal Opportunities

Our organization is committed to reinforcing the avoidance of discrimination in employment so that we can offer safe work environments to our people. The prohibition of any distinction applies to all issues of discrimination, especially with respect to age, sex, family status, nationality, race, mother tongue, origin, religion, political beliefs, disabilities, health conditions, sexual orientation or employment relation. Our priority goal is to promote the involvement of people with reduced ability to work or disabilities in the labour market, therefore strengthening their social engagement./p>

Team work

The most important assets for our company are the people working here. We make our achievements by means of determinate team work during which the accountability and commitment of the individuals are enforced, similarly to trust and respect.


We strive for establishing predictable and long-term cooperation with our customers and the stakeholders interested in the operation of the company. Our joint objective and interest comprise the shaping of a community that is rooted in trust, successful cooperation and steady future, and guarantees job creation for further people with reduced ability to work.