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Everyone has different views on people with reduced ability to work, while their image is often accompanied by misbeliefs.

People with reduced ability to work include people living with congenital anomalies, as well as those having experienced change in their medical conditions during their careers.

The range of jobs that people with reduced ability to work can occupy when proper working conditions are put in place is very broad.

The goal of the companies of FŐKEFE, KÉZMŰ and ERFO Non-Profit, Public Benefit Purpose Ltd. and the determining factor of their operations is the rehabilitative employment of employees with reduced ability to work, the promotion of their successful and long-term involvement in the open labour market:

  • The employment of our colleagues with reduced ability to work is implemented in an integrated manner, with a priority emphasis on the enforcement of the individual criteria of employability, the provision of the necessary support personnel;
  • Rehabilitation experts are involved to help the employment, educational and social rehabilitation of our employees with personalized counseling and mentoring;
  • Unobstructed work environments meeting their specific medical conditions and particular needs are also provided;
  • Our special goal is to shape public attitude in society and demonstrate that our employees with reduced ability to work are capable of value-creating work under market circumstances