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Our product portfolio very effectively meets the market’s demands, both in the household and the professional sector and both concerning quality and the assortment offered.

Our more important products are: twisted brushes, shoe-cleaning brushes, brushes for hobby craftsmen, brushes for automotive care, garment brushes, household brushes, house cleaning and scrubbing brushes, sweeping brushes, brushes for cleaning yards and pavements like streets and walkways.

Our dominant aspiration is to satisfy at a high level the expectations of our customers by using either conventional or most modern types of material and by applying traditional or modern methods of manufacture.

The brush products manufactured by our Company represent highest quality. We mainly use wood as base body, the stuffing is made with materials best serving the intended purpose. For stuffing we either use natural materials or synthetic fibre.

We consider as highest value and excellent product characteristics that our products are handmade and have superior properties in usage. They are 100 % made in Hungary.

By now our range of products grew considerably, due to demand coming both from industry and agriculture. Accordingly, production output increased and we plan to expand and invest in the future to further increase production and to have a wider assortment of products.

We are now in a position to meet consumer demands at the highest level. We readily accept orders for unique products as specifically requested by our customers, and even for special orders we accept short delivery terms and production at a small scale.

In addition to manufacturing new products to highest quality standards, our Company also accepts orders for the refurbishing of brushes, both for the household and the professional sector.