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  • Our Company offers a wide assortment of office stationary. We can supply paper, writing and drawing instruments, and other office materials and products.
  • Our goal is to manufacture high-quality and reliable products that fully satisfy the expectations of our customers.
  • Main product categories:
  • Expandable folders, file folder with rubber band fixing, quick folder, document holders with fixing straps, binders with prongs, including case, open binders, expanding document holder with manifold pockets used for convenience when signatures are made, desktop calendars, spiral-bound notebooks, A considerable part of our products belong to a category which requires large amount of manual work, or which is hard or impossible to be manufactured by automatic equipment. Such products come usually without overprinting or with only a few printing work. They are mass produced on a continuous basis.
  • As our staff includes highly skilled and experienced colleagues and as we never stop in improving and modernizing our production equipment, we can respond quickly and flexibly to requests for immediate deliveries and to urgent market demands.
  • In total, some 20 million items are leaving our production facilities on yearly basis. This actual figure is steadily growing year-by-year.
  • A significant portion of products is being dispatched from warehoused stock. Thus, the time needed for actual production is no hindrance to prompt deliveries.
  • If requested, we can manufacture products to satisfy special orders, including products made to the customer’s specifications.