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Our paper processing plant in Szombathely is in operation since the early 19eighties. In our assortment small-sized boxes are usually made with cardboard, while for larger and heavy-duty boxes we use corrugated paper. However, the type of material is up to the customer’s request, depending on the size box and the type of goods to be packaged.

Our product portfolio fully covers the contents of the FEFCO standard catalogue. In addition, we can supply products to specific specifications of our partners, if the technology we use permits.

Product categories

  • top-bottom flaps packing boxes
  • die-cut boxes
  • die-cut, glued, stitched, self-closing boxes
  • counter display boxes
  • packing/handling boxes for beverages
  • corrugated carton boxes and trays for handling and storage of fruits and vegetables
  • multiple packaging cartons used for storing/handling electric appliances
  • multiple packaging cartons for foodstuffs.

Our production machinery is capable to process the full scale of raw materials, from Type E corrugated papers anything down to Type BC papers. One of our new addition to our equipment park is a plotter machine, put in operation to manufacture – in small series – very uniquely structured boxes. Our boxes come with glued or with stitched fixing, according to the customer’s request.

Production in our Company is being implemented in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality assurance standards, certified by CERTOP. This practice ensures that our products come with a warranted high quality.