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Declaration of Data Privacy

ERFO Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. (hereinafter referred to as the Operator), as the operator of website agrees to handle and maintain records of the personal, non-public data of the subjects concerned solely on the basis of the consent of the subjects, for the defined purposes and under the specified conditions, in line with the requirements of Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of information of public interest (hereinafter referred to as the Data Privacy Act).

Without the express approval and consent of the subjects, the Operator may not forward, disclose and link the data that the Operator handles to other managed data and information. The Operator shall ensure the safe management and protection of the data against unauthorized access, alteration, forwarding, publication.

On the other hand, at its own website the Operator shall publish the data belonging to the scope of public interests and data need to be published for the benefit of the public in line with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act and Act XC of 2005 on the freedom of electronic information.

Certain data (IP address, domain) of the visitors to the website are logged solely for administrative purposes, and then used only during the operation of the website (voting, access). Thereafter, all the data are erased, meaning that they are not stored by the Operator or disclosed to third parties.

Copyrights and property rights

The portal is not allowed to be copied or electronically stored to any extent – either in full, or part – going beyond demands that arise from personal use, nor may it be made public without the permission of the holder of the associated rights.

Any part of its contents may be taken over solely with the prior written authorization of the holder of the associated rights. Elements of the contents of the portal may be taken over only with unambiguous reference and without any modification of the information in question.

Disclaimer aspires to disclose up-to-date, accurate and authentic information, yet it cannot assume liability for its timeliness, validity or completeness, or any damage arising from the information therein.

The Operator cannot assume liability for acts committed by anyone with direct or indirect reliance on the data, information that can be found via or are accessible at the portal.

The information that can be found at the portal cannot be regarded to form commitments.

The Operator cannot assume liability for any elements of contents that originate from third parties, and are published via the portal.